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For a limited time only, we are making the entire Mau Mau Chaplains, Lotions, and I-Tex catalog available in full length, high fidelity format for your listening pleasure. Scroll, select, and enjoy!

Texas Reggae - It's all country music, just different countries

Welcome to the music of The Mau Mau Chaplains, The Stop The Truck Band's reggae alter/ego, and Texas' premier reggae cover band.


Collyman - Performed on the Auditorium Shores stage for SXSW 2005.

Strange Tacos

The Mau Mau Chaplains
Strange Tacos

Strange Tacos was recorded at Clockright Studios and Travis Kelly's in beautiful Austin Texas.
Produced by Moe Monsarrat and the Mau Mau Chaplains.
Thanks to our many friends worldwide, our families, Grant King and family, and the Flamingo Cantina

Strange Tacos
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Release Date: October 27, 2014

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01. Police Haffi MurderListen
02. One Nighter Listen
03. Forces of InterdictionListen
04. Dub The Police with McPullishListen
05. One Nighter Dub with McPullishListen
06. Forces Dub with McPullishListen
07. Interdiction dub with McPullish and JudgeListen

The Mau Mau Chaplains
Cowboys And West Indians
This project was originally recorded about 8 years ago by Gene Brown and Moe Monsarrat. Our concept at the time was to incorporate some typical country music instrumentation (pedal steel , Telecaster, fiddle, mandolin)into reggae. Gene did an incredible job creating a distinctive sound for this recording. Sadly, before this CD was finished, Gene passed away. Also, our brilliant lead guitarist of 15 years, Boomer Norman, had a stroke and lost the use of his left arm.
I decided to finish this CD as tribute and testament to both Boomer and Gene. I added horns, backing vocal parts, and percussion to flesh out the sound, This CD is really a vision Gene and Moe had for the Mau Mau Chaplains.
Hope you enjoy it, Steve Carter

Cowboys And West Indians

Cowboys And West Indians
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Release Date: 20 November 2014

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01. Doo Mama Doo Listen
02. Foreign Mind Listen
03. Where Did I Go Wrong Listen
04. Man Shortage Listen
05. Peek A Boo Listen
06. Trouble In The Dance Listen
07. SubstituteListen
08. In A Dis Ya Time Listen
09. Private Enemy No. 1 Listen
10. Youth Of Eglington Listen
11. Ram Goat Liver Listen

Produced by the late Eugene Brown.

The Mau Mau Chaplains
Live From South Austin
Also known as the South by Southwest Auditorium Shores Concert, this 2005 performance was recorded and mixed by David Roach with mastering by Jerry Tubb.

Live From South Austin

Live From South Austin
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Release Date: To be announced

01. Intro - All I Want To do Listen
02. No Bad Woman Listen
03. Hard Man Fe Dead Listen
04. Front Door Listen
05. Collyman Listen
06. Two By Two Listen
07. Dreams To Remember Listen
08. I Man Bitter Listen
09. Rivers Of Babylon Listen

Smokey Jones with the Mau Mau Chaplains
Island Bumpin'

Island Bumpin'

Island Bumpin'
UPC# 78572-951329
Release Date: 2005

Rewind to the seventies, when, as most Austin musicians were playing for smoke and tortilla chips, Smokey began to quietly record and archive some of the Hill Country's most unique musical performances. Then, fast forward to winter, 2005, when as most of us were arguing politics and wrapping Christmas presents, Smoky, unannounced as usual, quietly slipped back into town and sent the word out to those still riding for the brand, meet up at Bismeaux, and let's get this stuff out of the can...

The results are inescapable. Long shelved performances by the Lotions, the I-Tex Dub Boys, and E. R. Shorts have been magically brought back to life featuring Austin's quintessential Reggae tribute band, the Mau-Mau Chaplains. In addition to vintage performances by the above-mentioned artists, this album contains several new recordings by the Mau-Maus.

01. Man Bitter (Curfew Time) Listen
02. Groovy Little Thing Listen
03. This Masquerade Listen
04. Love Is Overdue Listen
05. Monster Takes The Beach Listen
06. Fat Fat Girl Listen
07. Shortstraw Listen
08. Ain't No Sunshine Listen
09. Funky Kingston Listen
10. Mona Lisa Listen
11. Confirm Reservation Listen
12. Smokey Weather Listen
13. Whole Lotta Love Listen

Produced by Allen Moe Monsarrat, Steve Carter, David Roach, Miguel Pankratz, Jim Finney, and Smokey Jones.

Camp Ben Reunion, 2002
I-Tex, whose forte was playing Texas country music in a reggae style, was a predecessor reggae band of the Mau Mau Chaplains, fronted by Alan Moe Monsarrat.
These are board recordings from a reunion of the I-Tex band held at Camp Ben McCulloch, located twenty miles west of Austin. This reunion, a seminal point in the organization of the Mau Maus, comprised a band assembled by an amazing response to an open invitation issued to any and all fans and twenty-sumthin' former members of the I-Tex band, an Austin reggae staple throughout the eighties.

"Texas Music In A Reggae Style"

Cowboys And West Indians

I-Tex Camp Ben Reunion
UPC# none
Release Date: none

01. Africa Listen
02. Bend Down Low Listen
03. Johnny Dollar Listen
04. Kinky Reggae Listen
05. Laredo Rose Listen
06. Longing For Your Touch Listen
07. No Difference Listen
08. Ring Of Fire Listen
09. Since I Fell For You Listen
10. Why Don't You Love Me Listen

Live sound: Mike Koetting
Recording & Mix: "Special Ed" Ferguson

Border Crossing
This studio recording of the I-Tex band, completed to a pre-mastering stage, was an attempt to capture the late-eighties Texas reggae scene and the lifestyle of it's participants.
Time and copying have done nothing to help audio quality, but time has not hurt the quality of the performances.

"Texas Music In A Reggae Style"

Border Crossing

Border Crossing
UPC# none
Release Date: none

01. The Boys Are Mighty Dangerous Listen
02. Skank Across Texas Listen
03. Flat creek Listen
04. Lion Behind My Eyes (listen)
05. Look In Your Own Back Yard Listen
06. Pioneer Roots Listen
07. Ring Of Fire Listen
08. Rockers & Dub Listen
09. Since I Fell For You Listen
10. Lock Up My Love Listen
11. Tower Of Strength Listen

Producer: Vernon Porter

The Lotions
The Lotions
This album, released in 1981, was studio recorded in Austin Texas. The Lotions were America's mainland reagae cover band in the seventies. Featuring Alan Moe Monsarrat on vocals, this release sold well on stage and at local outlets.
"Texas Music In A Reggae Style"

The Lotions

UPC# none
Release Date: 1981

01. Pushin Too Hard Listen
02. Groovin Song Listen
03. Get Up (Don't Get Down) Listen
04. Just Like A King Listen Producer: Craig Leon and David Roach

Current Lineup

Alan Moe Monsarrat - Lead Vocals, Bass
Steve Carter - Lead Vocals, Rythm Guitar
Miguel Pankratz - Harmony, Drums
"Special Ed" Ferguson - Lead Guitar
Pat McCann - Accoustic Guitar
Matte Jacobs - Keyboards
David Roach - Keyboards
Donny Silverman - Horns
Mark Wilson - Horns
Mike Koetting - Sound Support, technical

Special Ed Ferguson Steve Carter Alan Moe Monsarrat Mike Pankratz Pat McCann